Beaded-edge tire 28 x 1 ½ (cream)

Cost per tire: $25
Size: 28 x 1 1/2 (28 x 1.5)
ISO: 40-635
Max tire pressure: 40 PSI/ 280 KPa
Type: Beaded-edge
Color: Cream

Great tires for 28" vintage rims. These one-color tires look much more appropriate on vintage bikes than the logos, multiple colors, and modern threads of modern tires.

This tire type was common on bicycle rims from the late 1890s thru the 1930s. Some of the vintage bikes we sell at Retrocykel use rims for these vintage tires well into the 1940s. Now, we also offer you these tires without having to buy a bicycle from us!

Beaded-edge tires are known under a few other names: clincher, wulst, vulst, or wireless. Beaded-edge tires differ from today's common wired-edge tires. Beaded-edge tires have no wire running around their the edge. Instead, they have an exaggerated edge profile that fits into the groove of the hook-sided rim. These tires are not for straight-sided rims.

Shipping and handling

Select your relevant rate during checkout. Our flat rate box holds up to 6 tires per box at the rate of $15 for the US, $41 to Canada, and $60 to the Rest of the World for shipping and handling. You can also do free local pickup, and pay at the time of pickup if you want to pick up yourself in San Francisco. Email us for local pickup orders:

Examples from satisfied customers

Cream tires on a 1938 Norman Popular (notice the clincher Westwood rims)

Cream tires on the rims for a 1902 Success bicycle made by Iver Johnson.

Cream tires on a turn or the century racer with new rims from Stutzman's Wheel Shop.

Cream tires on new wooden rims from Stutzman's Wheel Shop

Red tires on a Mead Ranger.

Red tires mounted on a 1920s Hawthorne Flyer.

Red tires on 1895-98 vintage Lobdell wood rims for a 1902 Rambler two-speed shaft drive.

Also, if you browse our bikes here at Retrocykel, you will find that many have been mounted with these tires. Enjoy!


More info

For everything you want to read about beaded-edge tires, check out this great post on, including its tire conversion table:

Occhio Lungo has a couple good illustrations of a beaded-edge rim vs the straight-side rim to explain the principle needed to keep the beaded-edge tire in place and what you need to look for if in doubt:

Sheldon Brown writes about the confusion between new and old clincher tires: “Strictly speaking, the term "clincher" is slightly incorrect, as it applied to an obsolete style of tire which had ribs in the edges of the tire which fitted into grooves on the rim, where the tire was folded under the tube. The air pressure in the tube pressed the rib into the groove, and "clinched" the tire in place..."


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